About CNB St. Louis Bank

Citizens National Bank will be CNB St. Louis Bank

Citizens has provided personal service for customers for over 100 years and has a rich history of community support.  We are now evolving our brand to emphasize our commitment to our customers and to our community.   We are excited to announce that as of Tuesday, October 13, 2020, we will be known as CNB St. Louis Bank.  Read the press release here.

Our promise to you, our customer, is to continue our focus on serving you the way You like, when You like, and where You like. We call this renewed commitment:  Banking. For You.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Will the bank have the same ownership, management, and staff?

    Yes!  We are evolving our brand and renewing our customer and community focus with no changes to ownership, management, or staff.  Our people are our greatest assets!  Expand to learn more about our people.

    Our goal with this transformation is to modernize our brand and renew our commitment to our customers and our communities.  You will continue to work with the same familiar faces!  Our leadership is staying local, as it always has, providing you with quick decisions, outstanding personal service, a positive customer experience, and convenient accessibility.  This is our focus.  Banking. For You.

    In addition to our new name, logo, and renewed commitment to our customers, we have also changed our bank charter from a national charter to a state charter.  This better aligns us with our community bank mission.

    Questions about our leadership, staff, or bank charter?

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  • Can I continue using my existing checks, debit card, and credit card?

    Yes!  Your account information remains the same.  Expand to learn more about account information.

    • Checks
      Your Citizens National Bank of Greater St. Louis checks will be honored ongoing.  Your checks will be updated when you place your next re-order.
    • Debit Cards
      You will receive a new debit card with the new logo when your current one expires.  Until then, your debit card will continue to work like it always has, including your access to more than 250 surcharge-free ATMs in the St. Louis metropolitan area and over 23,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide through the MoneyPass® network.
    • Credit Cards
      You will receive a new credit card with the new logo when your current one expires.  Until then, your Citizens National Bank credit card will continue to work like it always has. You may request a replacement if you would prefer.  Just stop by a branch and we can get a new card ordered.


    Questions about checks and cards?

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  • Can I keep my account number?

    Yes!  All account numbers will remain the same.  Expand to learn more.

    Checking, savings, money market, CDs, debit cards, credit cards, loans, lines of credit, safe deposit boxes, and any other type of account you have with Citizens will continue to have the same account number associated with it.  The bank routing number will also remain the same.

    Questions about account numbers?

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  • Will I be able to keep my direct deposit the way it is now?

    Yes!  Expand to learn more about your direct deposit.

    Your direct deposit into your account can remain the same way it is set up now.  Since this is a name and logo change only, routing numbers and account numbers will stay the same.  There is nothing you need to do for your direct deposits to continue to be made as they always have.

    Questions about direct deposits?

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  • Will my automatic payments stay the same?

    Yes, your automatic payments will remain as they are.  Expand to learn more about automatic payments.

    Since account numbers are not changing, there is nothing for you to do!  Your automatic payments will continue to be made as they have always been.

    Questions about automatic payments?

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  • I have mobile banking, online banking, and/or online bill pay set up. Will these remain as they are?

    Yes!  There are no changes to your digital account access or the way you login to your accounts.  Expand to learn more about your digital account access.

    • Online Banking and Bill Pay
      Your online banking and online billpay will remain as they are – no changes need to be made.  Our website and login pages are also the same:  www.cnbstl.com.  On October 13th, our existing website and online banking screens will show our new logo and name.
    • Mobile Banking
      Our mobile app will continue to function in the same way it always has and no changes need to be made.  The app icons will remain the same, however you will notice an updated logo within the app screens after you login.  If your app is set to automatically update, you will begin seeing the new logo right away.  If you manually update your mobile banking app, you will see the new logo once you take steps to update your app.  In either case, there will be no interruption to your service and no changes to your account access as a result of this change.


    Questions about online banking, online bill pay, or mobile banking?

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  • Will the treasury management services I have set up for my business stay the same?

    Yes!  The treasury management functions you currently have setup will continue to function as they always have.  Expand to learn more about treasury management services.

    ACH, Payroll, wires, remote capture, positive pay, lockbox, bill pay, and all other treasury management services will remain unchanged. There is nothing you need to do for your treasury management services to continue as they are.

    Questions about treasury management?

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  • I have email addresses saved for a few people at the bank that I correspond with on a regular basis. Will I be able to keep these?

    Yes!  Our email addresses will not be changing.

    Questions about how to contact your banker?

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  • Will your phone numbers and branch locations stay the same?

    Yes!  Our phone numbers and addresses will remain unchanged.

    The only thing you will notice is the updated logo on our buildings and, when you call us, we will answer the phone as CNB St. Louis Bank instead of Citizens National Bank.

    Questions about our contact information?

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