Business Banking


  • Savings

    Grow your money and retain full liquidity with a business savings Account.  Whether you are just starting out or saving for something specific, make the most of your money.

    • $100 Minimum Deposit to Open Account
    • Online Account Access
    • Online or Telephone Transfers to other CNB St. Louis Bank Accounts
    • Interest Accrues Daily and is Compounded Quarterly
    • $100 Minimum Balance Required to Obtain Annual Percentage Yield
    • $3.00 Monthly Service Charge if Below Minimum Balance

    A $1 per transaction fee is assessed for exceeding the 6 transaction limit per statement cycle. Customers may make up to 6 telephone transfers from their savings account per month.

  • CD's

    Certificates of Deposit are a convenient savings option. Earn a higher rate than a Savings account on funds you can set aside for a fixed period of time.

    • Fixed or Variable Rate Options
    • Low Minimum Deposits to Open the Account
    • Competitive Interest Rates
    • Variable Rate Certificates of Deposit Permit Additional Deposits
    • Quarterly Compounding
    • May be Eligible for a Monthly or Quarterly Interest Check