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Lending Center

Other Loans

Need financing for a car, boat or recreational vehicle? Whether you need cash for a new purchase, or new expenses, we can help you choose the right plan to get started. At CNB St. Louis Bank we offer a range of financing options and fast, personalized service to simplify the process.



  • Auto Financing

    Get moving with a car or truck loan from CNB St. Louis Bank. Whether you’re hitting the road in your new car or in the mountains in your SUV, our vehicle loans offer you rates and terms designed to help save you time and money.

    Features include:

    • 100% of invoice financing on new cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks
    • 100% of N.A.D.A. loan value financing on recent-model used cars, vans, SUVs, and light trucks
    • Financing on older vehicles so you can buy the classic car you’ve always wanted
    • Complimentary pre-approval so you have bargaining power when you go car shopping
    • Reduced Rate for Automatic Debit of a CNB St. Louis Bank Account
    • Quick approval, usually in 24 hours
  • Boats and Recreational Vehicle Loans

    Is there a cabin cruiser out there with your name on it? How about that travel trailer you want to take on vacation next summer? Don’t spend time shopping for a loan as well.

    When the freedom of the highway beckons, CNB St. Louis Bank’s competitive loans can get you on your way.

    Features include:

    • Recreational Vehicle loans of $5,000 or more
    • Fixed Rates
    • Friendly Terms
    • Reduced Rate for Automatic Debit of a CNB St. Louis Bank Account
    • Let CNB put you on your favorite lake or in your favorite recreational vehicle