Work with a Capital Catalyst to help your business thrive

Local businesses like yours will remain the engine of our economy—no matters what lies ahead. Interest rates and cost of goods will rise and fall. Labor shortages will come and go. Supply chain disruptions will ebb and flow. And through it all, the right business banking relationship will help your business not only survive but thrive.

At CNB, we are experienced bankers, that's true. Some call us lenders. What we really do for your business is to act as catalysts for capital

What makes a banking relationship “right”? Why is a Capital Catalyst so often the answer? Let’s take a closer look.

When you need capital, we’re here

There are as many different reasons to need a reliable source of capital as there are businesses themselves. That’s because your capital needs are yours and yours alone. Your bank needs to understand them deeply to tailor the best solution for you. Here are just some of the ways a Capital Catalyst from CNB St. Louis Bank can help:
  • Expand your business—or start a new one
  • Have capital on hand to act on new opportunities
  • Manage cash flow, particularly when receivables are irregular or delayed
  • Maintain cash reserves for unanticipated challenges
  • Purchase equipment, inventory or raw materials
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Invest in new technology
  • Promote your business—for example, if you’re expanding into a new market or have a new product or service to introduce

Capital Catalysts are more effective than ordinary lenders

When it comes to choosing a business lender, you have a lot of options. What makes a Capital Catalyst a better choice for so many local businesses? True to their name, Capital Catalysts are uniquely qualified to help ignite local businesses opportunities and fuel your passion to grow and succeed.

For starters, Capital Catalysts have deep experience and a strong track record of success in helping local businesses achieve their goals. We start by being active listeners who genuinely care about your business and take the time to understand your objectives, opportunities and challenges.

Capital Catalysts understand the short- and long-term capital needs of our local customers at a much deeper level than a typical national bank can. After all, a national bank’s focus is coast-to-coast—not down the street. That’s why our Capital Catalysts are better at supporting the local economy and your business needs in any economic environment.

That means being there when you need us. Quick responses are key to helping you act on timely opportunities. Because we make every lending decision locally—not in a boardroom across the country—we’re built to act as fast as you need. But speed alone isn’t enough. What we offer has to be precisely what you need. So our Capital Catalysts are expert in tailoring solutions, drawing from our extensive array of lending options at competitive rates and terms.

Lending is just the beginning. Your Capital Catalyst offers all the business banking services you need, all under one roof. It’s the perfect blend of local business expertise, leading technology and a drive to help your business and our community achieve even more.

Speaking of local business expertise, that is one of the greatest advantages your Capital Catalyst offers. We’re here to serve the interests of our community—not shareholders or board members out of town. The money we lend you is deposited here by your neighbors. The loan payments you make go back to work in our community. Everyone wins. Isn’t that what a true partnership is all about?

Your focus is ours

The Capital Capitalists at CNB St. Louis Bank specialize in the industries and offer the services that local businesses want most, including:
Whether you are a business owner looking at the benefits of owning your building, or a real estate investor looking to expand your portfolio, CNB provides the support you need to make commercial property ownership a reality.

A line of credit provides flexible, short-term financing for the expected and the unexpected.  Having one in place before your business needs it is key.  Talk to one of our lenders today to learn more.
CNB St. Louis Bank offers a wide array of products and services to assist developers, investors and owners in acquiring, developing, building, managing, and permanently financing most commercial property types.
Your company is growing and you need to expand your capacity, your equipment is at end of life, or perhaps you need an upgrade.  Whatever the reason, CNB St. Louis Bank can help you finance the equipment you need to sustain your company's growth.
Our commercial banking professionals in government guaranteed lending can help you select from a variety of attractive financing solutions on loan programs from $50,000 and up.
Does your business have unique needs?  Our experienced commercial banking professionals can customize winning business solutions for your lending needs.

Put your Capital Catalyst to Work

A partnership, not a transaction: Your Capital Catalyst will start by assessing your capital needs over a defined period—such as the next 12 to 18 months—and develop just the right solution for you.

We’ll help answer such critical questions as how the current interest rate environment impacts your borrowing strategy. In addition, should you consider personal as well as commercial capital sources? How can you optimize you labor strategy by balancing FTE vs. non-FTE workers? How should you diversify your sourcing strategy to address potential supply chain challenges? How can you best address potential disruptions in receivables?

Many questions, one answer: your Capital Catalyst from CNB St. Louis Bank.

The catalyst your business needs

A Capital Catalyst is here to help your business be resilient, adaptive and agile, regardless of what happens next in your industry and the economy overall. Your business is the heart of job creation in our community—the center of innovation and the key to prosperity. CNB St. Louis Bank is ready to be your partner, every step of the way. Now more than ever, we’re Business Banking. For You.

Our commercial banking team are Capital Catalysts. They are ready to help you through all aspects of your business banking needs.  From financing options to fraud prevention tools, we have the expertise to help your business thrive. 

Meet Our Capital Catalysts

We offer custom financing solutions for business owners and real estate investors. Here we highlight some of the recent commercial loan closings we've had including the unique goals of the borrower, the challenges of the transaction, and the final financing solution we provided.