Safe, secure, and efficient processing of your receivables with CNB St. Louis Bank's wholesale lockbox services. 

How Does Lockbox Service Work?

Lockbox service is a way to outsource the deposit function for your accounts receivable.  Have your customers remit payments to a bank managed PO Box.  Mail is picked up daily and then bank staff opens, sorts, scans, and processes the payments.  Funds are deposited into your account same-day, and scanned copies of all payments received are sent to you for recordkeeping.

Benefits of using Lockbox Services for your Receivables:

  • Reduce float time and access funds faster by having payments go directly to the bank for processing. 
  • Eliminate staffing concerns with daily collection and processing of payments regardless of vacation, sick time, mail volume, or other staffing challenges.
  • Deter fraud by separating the billing and receivables function and eliminating paper checks from your receivables processing.
  • Mitigate Risk by reducing the number of touch points between receiving the payment and making the deposit.
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