• Calculate Your Mortgage Loan Payment
    Enter loan amount, term, and interest rate variables to calculate your principal and interest payment amount.
  • 15 vs 30 Year Mortgage - Which Term is Right for You?
    Compare monthly payments on each term to discover the difference in payment amounts and interest rate expense for longer and shorter mortgage loan terms.
  • Rent vs. Buy
    Use this calculator to consider if you should rent or buy a home.
  • Bi-Weekly Payment
    Calculate the potential savings you can achieve by paying your mortgage bi-weekly instead of monthly.
  • Should You Refi?
    Is it financially beneficial to refinance now? This calculator helps you consider the variables and determine if now is the right time.
  • Debt Consolidation Calculator
    Could using the equity in your home help you pay down your debt? Use this calculator to discover if debt consolidation through home equity is right for you.

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