It’s our job to match your financial situation to the best product available providing you with the best use of your money.  There are three common mortgage loan programs offered by CNB: 
The loan programs offered below can be used for a purchases, refinances, or both!  Calculate your potential refinance savings here.

Conventional Mortgage Loans

A conventional loan is a traditional loan available to buyers via several loan programs typically requiring at least a 5% down payment, however some programs offer lower down payment requirements.  It is not insured by any government agency.   It is typically fixed in its terms and rate.   These mortgages adhere to Fannie Mae guidelines.  Fannie Mae, or Federal National Mortgage Association, is a corporation created by the federal government that buys and sells conventional mortgages.  It sets the maximum loan amount and requirements for borrowers.

Items needed to apply for a CNB St. Louis Bank mortgage loan.

First Time Homebuyer HOPE Loan

Are you interested in buying your first home?  Our experienced home loan specialists can help connect you with the right loan program and guide you through the process.  In some cases, we can connect first-time borrowers with additional resources and community incentives.

Front Line Mortgage Program

To show our gratitude to the front-line workers in our communities, CNB St. Louis Bank has developed a special mortgage loan program with first responders, teachers, and nurses in mind! This program is exclusive to CNB and offers front line workers a zero down payment loan with no mortgage insurance requirement for qualifying borrowers.