This page is where you can find alerts we have recently featured on our alert bar at the top of our page.  If you have any questions or would like to report an incident, please contact us.

Update 11:00am:
INCLEMENT WEATHER MONDAY, JANUARY 22: Our Affton, Westport, Florissant, and St. Peters branches are open and eager to serve you today. Our St. Charles branch will remain closed today and our Maplewood Drive Up Lanes are also Closed (Lobby is open). Your safety is important to us and we're here to help! We welcome you to call, chat, or message us before venturing out.

Original Message 7:00am:
INCLEMENT WEATHER MONDAY, JANUARY 22:  Our Affton, Westport, Florissant, and St. Peters branches are open and eager to serve you today. Our St. Charles branch will remain closed today and our Maplewood Drive Up Lanes are also Closed (Lobby is open).  Your safety is important to us and we're here to help! We welcome you to call, chat, or message us before venturing out.
BEWARE OF SPOOF PHONE CALLS: The Bank will NEVER call YOU and ask you for your online banking username, password or debit card PIN. We will sometimes ask you personally identifying information as a way to verify your identity before discussing your account details. If you are unsure who you are speaking with, do not hesitate to get the caller's name, hang up and call us at (314) 645-0666 to verify you are speaking to a member of our team. 

What is spoofing?
Attn Debit Card Users:  The MasterCard network is currently experiencing issues causing some card payments to decline. As a workaround, run your CNB card transactions as debit transactions, NOT credit transactions. ATM transactions are not affected. We will keep you updated as we learn more from MasterCard.
Update 6/22/2023 - MasterCard has resolved the issues and card functionality has returned
We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with new online banking user enrollment and are diligently working on a solution. This issue is only impacting the new user enrollment process and does not impact existing online banking user access. We're here to help! If you have questions about your account, you may contact us at (314) 645-0666 or via chat during regular business hours.
On Wednesday,  September 7, 2022 we will be performing system updates between 8:00 am and 9:00 am CT.  During this time, you may experience intermittent outages.  We do not anticipate these potential outages to be of significant impact.  We are here to help!   Please call us at (314) 645-0666 for assistance.
DEPOSIT SCAN USERS: Deposit Scan is currently not responding and we do not have an expected timeframe for a resolution. Thank you for your patience as we work diligently with our technology partner to restore functionality. In the meantime, we recommend visiting one of our six area branch locations to make your deposit.
Update 4:00pm: Deposit Scan is now available. Users may need to clear their cache and cookies to restore functionality. Contact us with any questions or further instruction.
As a part of keeping our technology on the leading edge, our information systems will be going through an upgrade period on Sunday, February 20, from 4pm to 7pm. Digital Banking, Bill Pay, and Tele-Banker will have intermittent availability throughout this maintenance window. In addition, debit card and ATM dollar limit restrictions will be in place during that same time for security. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
CNB St. Louis is operating with branch locations opening late or remaining closed due to the weather and road conditions.  Status by branch is listed below and updated as information is available:
We are here to help! 
Please take advantage of our digital banking service and do not hesitate to contact us with your banking needs. 

The safety of our customers and our employees is important to us! As conditions can change quickly, we recommend checking here or calling us at (314) 645-0666 before beginning your journey to one of our branches.  

Last updated: 2/3/22 8:30am
Our St. Charles location on Bluestone (94 @ Portwest) is closed due to weather issues. Our next closest branch is located in St. Peters.  We are currently operating under normal business hours at our other branch locations.  Updates about special hours or closures related to inclement weather will be posted here throughout the day.

Please take note of our special holiday hours and cutoff times.  Deposits posted after 12pm on Christmas Eve and 2pm on New Years Eve will be posted on the next business day, which is Monday December 27th and Monday January 3rd, respectively. Visit our Holiday Hours page for a full list of bank holidays and special hours.
Attention Bill Pay Users:
The consumer Bill Pay experience is getting an upgrade! Instead of clicking Pay & Transfer > Pay Bills > Do More > Visit Bill Pay Site to get to the full functionality of Bill Pay, soon you will be able to click Pay Bills and it will auto launch!
Some pending ACH transactions for 10/27 were showing up as duplicates. We made adjustments to effected accounts so available balances show true. Our overnight processing will post only the authorized transactions and clear out the duplications. Thank you for your patience.
We're experiencing issues related to the global network outages. Some real-time transactions are not available and balances may not be up to date in digital banking. We are working diligently to restore full functionality. You may contact us using secure message or by calling us at (314) 645-0666.

Update: System connection has been restored. Real time transactions are available and account information should now be up to date. Thank you for your patience!
We are working through an update to our system, causing transactions from 9/15 to appear in pending status and some ACH/Direct Deposits to be delayed. When the update is finished, transactions will be completed and available balances will be updated accordingly. Thank you for your patience.
2/17/21 10:30am CST


You may experience an issue using your debit card, mobile deposit, and bill pay services. We understand the significance of this, and it is a widespread issue with our debit card processor related to severe inclement weather in Texas. They are taking all available steps to rectify the situation, as it is impacting thousands of financial institutions at this moment.

We received notice that someone may be contacting customers and asking for their online banking login credentials. This is a common way for fraudsters to gain access to your account or your identity called a phishing scam. For your safety, do not provide anyone with passwords, PINs, or other non-public, personal information.

Note: We are already working on enhanced online banking login security to help deter this type of fraud. The new security relies on users having up-to-date contact information and we are actively contacting customers in preparation for the change. You may receive a call from one of our employees asking to verify contact information (email address and/or phone number) but please remember we will NEVER ask you for your online banking password or debit card PIN. When in doubt, please do not provide information and call your local branch location to verify.