Secure Access Code (SAC)

We recently implemented enhancements to our online banking systems including a new two-factor authentication for logins and certain higher-risk transactions. The extra layer of security uses Secure Access Codes (SAC), which are one-time codes that are delivered to you to help us securely identify you.

Choose any one of the listed methods for your SAC delivery, as long as the contact methods are current. This adds an extra layer of security for your accounts, which helps prevent unlawful or unintended account access.

Users must have access to one or more of the contact method(s) on file for in order to receive the SAC and login successfully. You may update this information from online or mobile banking in the Profile & Settings menu under Security Preferences.  If you are unable to login, please contact us at (314) 645-0666.

Please Note:  We will never ask you for your online banking password, SAC code, or debit card PIN. If you receive a call or email requesting your password, PIN, or any other non-public personal information DO NOT provide this information and call your local branch location or our customer service number at (314) 645-0666 to report the incident. This is a phishing scam and is a common way for fraudsters to gain access to your account or your identity. The enhancements we are making to our login process are intended to protect you against this type of fraud attempt.

How it Works:

Secure Access Codes will work on both desktop computers, laptop computers, and mobile devices.

SAC Login Process Step 1 - Enter Login Credentials SAC Login Process Step 1 - select SAC delivery method SAC Login Process Step 3 - Enter secure access code SAC Login Process Step 4 - Select a Device Registration Option
  1. Enter Login ID and Password - You will be asked to enter your login ID and password as usual, then the system will authorize your login via a Secure Access Code
  2. Select Delivery Method - You will select how you would like to have your Secure Access Code Delivered - phone call or text message using the contact information we have on file
  3. Enter Secure Access Code (SAC) - The one-time use secure access code will be sent to you via the method you select, and you will enter the code into the login screen
  4. Register Device Option - If you'd like to skip this step next time you login using the same device or computer, you may register the device

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Do not share your online banking password, SAC code, or debit card PIN with anyone, not even us!  Our employees will NEVER ask you for this type of information.  Fraudsters often claim to represent companies and to obtain information from their customers - this is called a phishing scam.  When in doubt, hang up and give your local branch a call.

A Secure Access Code (SAC) is a form of multi-factor authentication designed to ensure you are the only person who can access your accounts online.  A second form of verification makes it harder for hackers to access your data.  One must have access to one of the contact methods on file at the bank AND know the account's login ID and password.

DO NOT share your password or SAC with anyone, not even us.  We will never ask you for your password, SAC code, or debit card PIN.

Because the method of verification is sent to a phone number or email address on file at the bank for your account(s), it is essential that we have updated information.  Should the code be sent to a phone number or email address that is incorrect, or that you no long have access to, you will not be able to retrieve the code and your login attempt will not be authorized.

Yes and no, that is entirely up to you!

Once you enter your SAC, you are presented with a choice to register the device or not register the device.  If you select "Do Not Register Device," then you will be required to enter a SAC each time you login to the system from that device.  If you select "Register Device," then you most-likely will not have to enter a SAC code for future logins from the device. Please note that due to other security measures we have in place for your protection, there will be times a login from a registered device may still require an SAC code for verification. 

The authorization is device-specific.  This means, you will be asked to authorize each different device you would like to use to login to your online banking.  For example, if you register your mobile device and then would like to login from desktop, laptop, or different mobile device, you will be asked to authorize the new device.

If you login from a public computer or shared device, we strongly encourage you to NOT register the device.