Criminals can steal your card information in many ways—such as data breaches, skimming devices at the point of purchase or ATMs. You may never know your credit or debit card information was stolen until you see unauthorized transactions on your monthly statements.

Fortunately, many credit card companies limit your liability for these charges—but it’s still a hassle to deal with removing the charges from your account.

Protect your cards:

  • Use a chip card for the highest level of data encryption
  • Never enter your card number into a website that you didn't navigate to yourself
  • Check your monthly statements carefully for purchases you didn't make yourself
  • Contact your credit card company and/or bank if you see a suspicious transaction on your statement

To help prevent ATM fraud, CNB St. Louis Bank has installed anti-skimming devices that require cards to be inserted long side first. (Skimming devices only work if cards are inserted short side first.)

To learn more about our new ATMs and their features click HERE! 

How we can protect you.

One of the best ways to help avoid being a fraud victim is to stay informed and bank with people who know you. At CNB St. Louis Bank, many of our staff members have been with us for years and know customers by name. While it’s nice to be neighborly, these close relationships have another purpose that’s just as important.

Because we know you, we’re better able to identify out-of-the-ordinary transactions. So if a customer typically withdraws $500 and suddenly asks for $5,000, it’s a red flag.

And stories like this do happen. Recently, a fraudster impersonating the “Fair Trade Commission” texted a customer to say her identity was unsecure and instructed her to withdraw large sums of money from her bank account. The fraudster coached the customer to tell us that the unusual withdrawals were for home repairs and her daughter’s wedding.

Because we knew the customer and were all-too-familiar with this type of scam, we quickly uncovered it. Then, we reassured our customer when she needed it most and helped with the appropriate security measures—such as checking her credit report to see if any fraudulent accounts had been opened in her name. Then, we closed her checking and savings accounts and opened new ones.

Both in person and via AI technology, we vigilantly monitor our customers’ bank activity for potential fraud. Our experienced staff members use sophisticated tools to monitor such activity as login and transaction history—including ACH and wire transfers. When we see something unusual, we call the customer. When a customer calls us—to add a travel notice to an account, for example—we call back to ensure the notice is legitimate.

In short, good service is about more than being good neighbors. It’s powerful fraud protection and just one more way we’re Banking. For You.

If your identity has been stolen:

Visit a Federal Trade Commission website, to report the incident and create a recovery plan. 

Discover More on How to Protect  Your Finances:

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