April 8,  2024

We are thrilled to announce that Tim Rodden, CEO and President of CNB St. Louis Bank, has been appointed to the Brace For Impact Board of Directors. Brace For Impact 46 mission is to enhance the lives of all people, including children, and increase their potential to lead healthy and productive lives.

Tim has over 20 years with CNB and, since becoming President in early 2019, he has led the bank through a period of stable growth and technological advancements while navigating challenges like a global pandemic and economic shifts. Tim’s exceptional leadership qualities, vast experience in community banking, and steadfast commitment to the betterment of the St. Louis community will be a great asset to Brace For Impact 46.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Tim’s passion for baseball and his participation in local senior men’s baseball leagues, where he has clinched four World Series titles, showcases his dynamic personality and team spirit. As a board member for Brace For Impact, we have every confidence that his wealth of knowledge, strategic vision, and deep commitment and passion to community aligns perfectly with their mission.

"What Kyle and Bridget have achieved in a short period of time is remarkable. When Kyle approached me to serve on the board of Brace for Impact, I didn't hesitate to volunteer; it was a no-brainer for me to take this opportunity to offer my talents to such a great cause” commented Tim Rodden, President and CEO.

Brace For IMPACT 46 was founded by former MLB St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan and his wife Bridget after a life-changing trip to Haiti. The organization's name reflects this journey of discovery, incorporating McClellan's jersey number, 46, to symbolize the personal connection and commitment to their cause.

Inspired by their experiences, the organization partners with local communities in Haiti and St. Louis to provide sustainable support and opportunities for children and families in need. Through these efforts, Brace For Impact 46 strives to strengthen the well-being of children and adults alike, regardless of their circumstances or race, religion, or gender, by providing them with the tools and opportunities to lead fulfilling, healthy lives. Through their work with the IDADEE Children’s Home and local youth programs, Brace For Impact 46 aims to positively impact lives and build a stronger future, embodying the belief that giving back enriches both the giver and the recipient, and together, we can all make an IMPACT.

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