Leave cash in the past! Pay People is a personal payment service that lets you securely send money to people using their phone number or email address.  There are no fees for sending money to another person!

Send money to anyone, anywhere, anytime from a desktop or mobile device using CNB's Digital Banking. Through special integrations, you can send funds to Venmo and Paypal users without having to download multiple apps.

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Your safety is our #1 priority, with payments being monitored. Removing a third-party app and using CNB's Digital Banking to send payments almost completely eliminates fraud risk. Users must still keep a keen eye out for safe sending - see our safe sending tips.

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Payments occur in real-time, allowing for payment sending and payment receiving to happen in seconds. 

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From your CNB Digital Banking,  send to anyone using just their mobile number or email address. Send to users instantly in the Pay People1 network or users out of network using PayPal, Venmo, or in some cases, their debit card! 

What You Can Use It For?

The possibilities are endless for paying (or paying back) people you know! Use Pay People for a lot of things, such as:
  • Split the bill at dinner or happy hour
  • Share the cost of your Uber, Lyft, or other ride share
  • Pay for your friend's coffee
  • Pay rent to your landlord or roommates
  • Send a gift to family and friends
  • Pay the dog walker or lawn care service
  • Send money to your child at college
  • Pay the babysitter
What is the Fee?
There is no fee to send or receive money using Pay People. You must have a CNB St. Louis Bank account with a debit card and be enrolled in digital banking to use Pay People.

Tips for Safer Sending

  • Only send money to people you know. Once the money is sent, it is gone.
  • Double-check your amount and recipient before clicking 'Transfer Funds.'
  • It is best to avoid using any person-to-person payment service (including Pay People) to pay people for goods or services from strangers on the internet.
  • Be alert and aware of scammers asking you for your information!

How to Send and Receive Funds with Pay People

Sending Funds with Pay People

It's simple! Log in to Digital Banking on your desktop* or mobile device, then:
  1. Click Pay & Transfer from the Main Menu
  2. Click Pay People
  3. Fill out the appropriate requirements (*must use a mobile device if sending to a mobile phone number)
  4. Click Transfer Funds
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How Does the Recipient Accept My Payment?

Once you click the 'Transfer Funds' button, here's what happens:
  • In-Network
    If the email address or phone number automatically matches a recipient in our payment network, the recipient is considered In-Network

    In this case, the funds will be deposited directly into that person's default checking account.  Note: Right now, no notification is sent to the recipient but they will be able to see the transaction in their account within minutes!

  • Out-of-Network
    If the email address or phone number does not automatically match a recipient in our payment network, the recipient is Out-of-Network

    In this case, the recipient will receive a notification via email or text message - whichever contact method was used to send the payment. From that notification message, the recipient can choose how they will accept the funds, via Venmo, PayPal, or by using their debit card.


Contact us or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information about Pay People!

1 Pay People uses the Neural Payments platform to connect users across a growing network of financial institutions and debit card networks. Click here for full Pay People Terms and Conditions