This page is where you can find alerts we have recently featured on our alert bar at the top of our page.  If you have any questions or would like to report an incident, please contact us.
2/17/21 10:30am CST


You may experience an issue using your debit card, mobile deposit, and bill pay services. We understand the significance of this, and it is a widespread issue with our debit card processor related to severe inclement weather in Texas. They are taking all available steps to rectify the situation, as it is impacting thousands of financial institutions at this moment.

We received notice that someone may be contacting customers and asking for their online banking login credentials. This is a common way for fraudsters to gain access to your account or your identity called a phishing scam. For your safety, do not provide anyone with passwords, PINs, or other non-public, personal information.

Note: We are already working on enhanced online banking login security to help deter this type of fraud. The new security relies on users having up-to-date contact information and we are actively contacting customers in preparation for the change. You may receive a call from one of our employees asking to verify contact information (email address and/or phone number) but please remember we will NEVER ask you for your online banking password or debit card PIN. When in doubt, please do not provide information and call your local branch location to verify.